About Our Teachers & Testimonials

Our teachers are Safety Certified by the United States Gymnastics Association as well as trained in CPR and first aid.

In addition to passing USAG Safety Certification course, our teachers attend clinics and seminars to update their knowledge of gymnastics.

Our understanding of children and gymnastics is always growing and changing.

We will continue to upgrade our program and explore new and better methods to enhance your child’s learning here.

“Annette is very vibrant and outgoing. I like the way she excitedly welcomes the kids and gets them involved. I also like way she helps the kids to work up to their potentials.” 

“Coach Jason is awesome! Learning is so much fun with right instructor, our kids are definitely having fun while learning & getting a great workout too!  So glad to have him back!”

“Annette is a great teacher, she has taught all four of my children.  We love Planet Gymnastics.”

“The summer show is great! The kids are adorable and the staff does a great job putting it all together! It is nice to see the other kids and levels in the gym and what the younger ones can look forward to.”

“Kim works so well with keeping the kids focused and having fun!”

“Coach Chris is great with our girls.  We love his energy with the class & the girls were excited to have them as their new coach.”