Girls/Boys Gymnastics

All of our classes are taught in progressions. We will not push a child past their limits but promise to challenge each child individually. Every child learns differently and so their challenges and progression may be different. FUN still exists whatever program the gymnasts are involved in!

Each class has yearly Lesson Plans and Skill Sheets tracking each child’s progressive learning. 

Girls/Boys 1 – beginning

Each gymnast at the age of 6, first time student, or a returning student, will enter into our Girls/Boys 1 . Here they are taught basic gymnastics skills which are foundation skills for many sports. They will learn in a repetitious manner and be checked for progress every month by their coach.

Girls/Boys 2 – intermediate

Gymnasts will move on to Girls/Boys 2  with current coach approval and with completion of skills from the Level 1 program, that are a foundation and PROGRESSION of skills for this next group.

 Girls/Boys 3 & 4 – advanced

Same as above, although the skills are more difficult and challenging.



Director: Annette