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Check or Cash Prices PER MONTH below: 


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE: $45 for the 1st child and $25 for each additional child.


ONE class per week:
Tiny Tumblers: $95.00 a month | 50 Minutes
Gym Stars and Up: $100.00 a month | 55 Minutes

TWO classes per week:
Tiny Tumblers: $170.00 a month
Gym Stars and Up: $180.00 a month


ONE class per week:

Ninja: $100.00 a month | 55 Minutes
Ninja required uniform: $35.00

TWO classes per week:
Ninja: $180.00 a month



  The easiest form of the monthly payment:

add Planet Gymnastics to your banks online bill pay!

You won't forget to pay AND there is no additional charge for using a card.

($2.50 convenience fee)

We offer a $15.00 sibling discount on monthly tuition.

Not sure if gymnastics is right for your child? 

Schedule a trial class with us for $10.00!

(Must call and schedule, no drop-ins!)

Trial classes do not guarantee a spot in the class. 

You must notify the office after your trial if you wish to enroll. Subject to availability.

Payment and Makeup’s

  • Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. 

  • $15.00 late fee after the 7th. 

  • $25.00 late fee after the 11th

  • $35.00 late fee after the 15th. 

  • If you do not pay by the 1st, and you have not been in class, you will be dropped from any current classes on the second week of the month.

  • We will prorate for NEW customers depending on when you start and how many classes are left in the month.

  • We DO NOT prorate for existing customers - please schedule a makeup for any missed classes

  • Communicate with the office for any special assistance regarding tuition.

  • There are no refunds.

  • We guarantee 4 classes per month. Months with 5 classes are not subject to a makeup.

  • Makeups are for ENROLLED students only. If you drop, you are forfeiting any makeup classes you may have.

  • You must do your makeup class within two weeks of the missed class. Please schedule with the office beforehand.

  • If you no show/no call a makeup class, you forfeit that makeup! 

  • Notify the office if your child will be withdrawing from a class.

  • All Prices are subject to change

  • SCHEDULE may vary during the year. Please call ahead.


Did you know?
If you sign up for a 2nd class you receive a discount on that 2nd class! Also, siblings get a discount!

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