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Gymnastics is for every child who loves to run, jump, swing, climb and have fun. Gymnastics will teach your child balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and spatial awareness. All of our classes are taught in progressions. We will not push a child past their limits but promise to challenge each child individually. Every child learns differently and so their challenges and progression may differ. Every class has yearly lesson plans and skill sheets, which help track each child’s progressive learning. 

Gymnastics helps teach children important life skills such as confidence, discipline, motivation, hard work, dedication, and goal setting.


Preschool and Kinder

Our preschool classes are for girls and boys walking to age 6. Our curriculum is based on developing important skills physically, mentally, and socially. Our program emphasizes having fun while learning.

Tiny Tumblers

Crawling up to 3.6 yrs

Toddlers participate, along with a parent or caregiver, in a playful class setting, working through a wide variety of stations. The focus is on developing coordination through motor skills, muscle strength, and balance using tot-size apparatus with a strong emphasis on socialization and group involvement.

*We only allow one parent or caregiver on the floor at a time.

Classes are 50 minutes.

Gym Stars

Ages 3.6 up to 4.6 yrs

No parents are needed here. There are mountains to climb, canyons to jump, vines to swing and tramps to jump on. More physically challenging skills give kids stronger bodies and sharper minds, as well as a clearer understanding of their bodies’ capabilities and limitations.

Classes are 55 minutes.

K Stars

4.6 up to 6 yrs

These kids are beginning to really step out and MOVE. We know it is even more essential that their physical challenges be monitored for safety. K Stars are able to handle a class that is skill-oriented. As the year moves along, we will challenge the kids progressively with more skills and less general movement. This way we prepare the child, physically and mentally, for our Boy's and Girl's gymnastics programs

Classes are 55 minutes.

*Girls and *Boys

Ages 6 and up. 

New gymnastics skills are introduced in a fun and progressive manner. Through developing gymnastics skills, our students enhance their balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, spatial awareness and fitness activity. Gymnastics class is a wonderful cross-training for other sports also. Regular evaluations of students’ progress allow them to advance to the next level at their own pace. 

Girls/Boys 1 – Beginning

Each gymnast at the age of 6, a first-time student, or a returning student will enter into our Girls/Boys 1. Here, they are taught basic gymnastics skills, which are foundation skills for many sports. They will learn in a repetitious manner and be checked for progress every month by their coach.

Girls/Boys 2 – Intermediate

Gymnasts will move on to Girls/Boys 2  with the current coach's approval and with completion of skills from the Level 1 program, which is a foundation and PROGRESSION of skills for this next group.

Girls/Boys 3 & 4 – Advanced

Same as above, although the skills are more difficult and challenging.


Check out our current schedule under the schedule tab!

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